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More sunbeams to the earth
June 13, 2011 03:49 PM PDT
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Good Afternoon, Earth.
June 12, 2011 04:23 AM PDT
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Where our achievements chill out
storms of unexpected waves
Our inner skin of feelings
which all the flaming eyes
are evolved to their level

Blooming stories of colorful beings
Are being set underneath the inner layer of perception
winding up ethereal left/right wings
Pluralizing into light inert thoughts of disruption
Forget it , there's always solutions

Where pretty much all levels reach out
subtle spells are being felt by the limbs
Trading up with the unseen, the secret's fault
Cores of original poems are thrown to the sins

There's always solution for the wind, it crosses itself, whirling up doubts for those
who asks what is happening there????
Just flow your blood into glowing substance thought through our mankind-cosmic-perception

Collections of the Bear poem
June 10, 2011 02:16 PM PDT
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The lunar touch had appeared throughout our sparkling pores and brought the cadence of how to live on a sphere where we don't seek anything...we just stop and say to ourselves...What the heel have I been Looking for out of my temple-body-lightness? ? .....

The harmonic tone is sweatin the white dog of ourselves..the being which reign the power of love.completedness, uniqueness..It's time to endure the soothness of our flexible and cosmic atomic heart, Sing the note within, sing the last wall away from you..

Power of love, POwer of distance..Do melt the bulky sphere in-between us..let us play in the field where the invisible are feasible to feel, to touch, to maintain prophetical coming sweet is to be at your side, sweet distance...said the wind..

The calling is arising....feel your last sweat, your last dropp of water within....try to rearrange your deepest touchs...your dee pest incandescent bright...your countless breathes, your flawless divine glance.... the trice of our last inspire is our..

In the very spiral medulla, live our multi-faceted beams of creations, maybe coldness and lightness all together, a mommentary stretching, a last deep aim and breathe, ...there goes the last poet and its last ink...running to cover the last part of earth..

The land of breathing is just taking its own position, the posture of 45º directly in the interior sunshine....before the last abysm, everybody think he will disappear...Where? In the fog of visions which he trabscribes to us? Or will he hang on that....

Let The Blue Hand accomplishes thy sphere of healing the outer world of brightness....let the blue hand catalyzes the inner force which has been waiting to come out and soothe thy solid faces....let the hand make the sculptur of the future, the new form.

you with ith kindness on touching the solar flare with your incandescent scent of can spread out with your magnetic beauty the power of all the lovers when these get together over the calm brook of nowhere....your with your grace.

Metaphysical Love poem
May 23, 2011 10:13 AM PDT
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The farther we reach the longer we stretch, said the wind
We are moving towards our inner spin, where all energetic beams are dissolved
By the dense frequency we expire from the fog of the flint
We are more like clouds than their wound evolved

Rolling over sharp fences, our disarrayed mind clings
the nearest become the farthest, the rain become stoned
Then all feelings are set apart, they start to limp
The arrows of loneliness form our love, loved.

Awakening 2012
May 05, 2010 09:39 AM PDT
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Central Column
January 20, 2007 09:55 AM PST
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Becoming the air around we change the wheather
touching someone's eye we make the spin of their thought
dancing in the silence we can move those winds
emerging from the own field we can embrace the last soldier, the last attempt.........
the soul is unique at its own sensation why are you stooped by?
what are you waiting for? what is the next step towards the real accomplishment?

If you have to run Robot
March 07, 2007 07:59 AM PST
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This song was based on a ficticious vison I had of a human robot, as nowadays, really wake up as a robot someday...
and could see the magic definetely..
he could not feel the air
couldn't breath conciously
couldn't stretch himself
then start to feel a sudden call of singing to freed himself...

May 25, 2007 04:26 PM PDT
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Here where humming birds sing the truth receiving the sweat
of the smelling leaves we have at our inner space-travelling...
here where the wings should be used to fly, even for those
who can't feel the within air that impulses ourselves farther on

Here, where the sun appears to touch its highest level Shouted
the last cloud.I've been touched by these suspended airs for a long
long time...said the last astronaut..And in the middle of nowhere
someone screeched..."Lost to get even more lost"..

Here in the membrane of where all the glimpses
become where all the holes become the gates..
.here where all the molecules become the ancient part...
here where all the comets teach how to orbit..
.here where all the spheres become the original touch...
.here where all the solar sun become the internal rain
…here where all the poems become the floating words of the nearest
future of comprehension…here where all the breaths become
the expiring act of freedom….here where all the cloud become
the doors of aiming the unexpected… where all the sweats
become the non-saying words of new oblivion-language… where all the dots………………………….change the lines………
Here in the place of no one, where only the subtle ears,
can feel the air-interference-being-cosmical-messenger..
.here where all the light waves splash their message from
the divine ocean of where all the lines
become the where all the bridges become the we breath the untouchable
“fulfiller” bodyless-frequency-cardiopath-airrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Sea
August 25, 2007 12:35 PM PDT
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The sea is the land
where the creature meet the purification
the salt
the essence
of sugar has abandoned itself
grains of thoughts of heaven
become those splashing waves
in the middle of the sea of the ocean of us..........

White Hole
July 26, 2007 12:39 PM PDT
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8 poemas da existencia .......
1º...sol de outra galaxia; ilumine por mim o limpido caminho de vossa distancia.....
2º...tempestade de vossos meteoros; desvie por mim a eterna danca.....
3º...ventos cosmicos desse contato estelar; sopre-me para com vosso alcance....
4º...lago de vossos reflexos das dimensoes; abre por mim vossa unica passagem....
5º...montanha de vossa quietude; grite por mim, desde agora, vossa energia criadora....
6º....arvore da vida das forcas; impulse a mim vossa grande diversidade de frutos......
7º....rocha do eco eterno; lembre por mim vossa imensa dimensao sonora do infinito....
8º...alem dos cenario naturais; naturalize por mim a todos os que digerem pureza nessa vida espiralada do agora........cheguei.....pousei em nosso vazio de flutuar no amor....

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