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Collections of the Bear poem
Time-length-icon 3m 12s
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Publish-date-icon June 10, 2011
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The lunar touch had appeared throughout our sparkling pores and brought the cadence of how to live on a sphere where we don't seek anything...we just stop and say to ourselves...What the heel have I been Looking for out of my temple-body-lightness? ? .....

The harmonic tone is sweatin the white dog of ourselves..the being which reign the power of love.completedness, uniqueness..It's time to endure the soothness of our flexible and cosmic atomic heart, Sing the note within, sing the last wall away from you..

Power of love, POwer of distance..Do melt the bulky sphere in-between us..let us play in the field where the invisible are feasible to feel, to touch, to maintain prophetical coming touchs..how sweet is to be at your side, sweet distance...said the wind..

The calling is arising....feel your last sweat, your last dropp of water within....try to rearrange your deepest touchs...your dee pest incandescent bright...your countless breathes, your flawless divine glance.... the trice of our last inspire is our..

In the very spiral medulla, live our multi-faceted beams of creations, maybe coldness and lightness all together, a mommentary stretching, a last deep aim and breathe, ...there goes the last poet and its last ink...running to cover the last part of earth..

The land of breathing is just taking its own position, the posture of 45º directly in the interior sunshine....before the last abysm, everybody think he will disappear...Where? In the fog of visions which he trabscribes to us? Or will he hang on that....

Let The Blue Hand accomplishes thy sphere of healing the outer world of brightness....let the blue hand catalyzes the inner force which has been waiting to come out and soothe thy solid faces....let the hand make the sculptur of the future, the new form.

you with ith kindness on touching the solar flare inside...you with your incandescent scent of love...you can spread out with your magnetic beauty the power of all the lovers when these get together over the calm brook of nowhere....your with your grace.

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